A Generator Maintenance Checklist for Diesel Generators

An industrial generator (a.k.a. gen-set ) may endure for decades, but only if it's properly maintained. Even though a generator has few moving parts, it comprises sensitive components that require routine attention. Total genset maintenance requires different measures to be performed on various programs. If you require a schedule for performing those measures, below is an essential checklist for petrol generator maintenance on a daily, monthly, semi annual, and yearly basis.

Daily Measures

Diesel generators ought to receive the following steps on daily basis:

General review - Check that the genset for loose parts, signs of rust on parts, traces of carbon, and dust build up.
Coolant heater assess - be certain the air conditioning heater is securely in place and inspect it for signs of wear.

Fuel check - check that the fuel level and add fuel as needed.
Charge-air piping assess - be sure the charge-air piping is connected securely to the radiator and also inspect it for signs of wear.
Maintenance employees commonly execute the measures above. Generator technicians can also perform these as a portion of a scheduled assistance agreement.

Weekly Measures

Diesel generators need to receive the subsequent measures on a daily basis:

Air cleanser check - inspect the air cleaner for debris and clean it necessary.

Battery-charger check - Assess the float voltage scan on the battery charger and adjust the voltage as necessary.
Fuel Filter Drain - Drain the water out of the bottom of the fuel filter housing.
Fuel Tank Drain - Drain the water from the base of the gas tank till the gas fuel appears.
Most centers have generator technicians perform the following measures on a generator maintenance checklist. If construction care employees do them, they should have training in engine maintenance.

Monthly Measures

Diesel generators should possess the following steps performed on a monthly basis:

Coolant concentration check - Require an example of the coolant using a hydrometer and assess its concentration by referring to this ceremony manual from producer.
Drive belt tension test - Check the belt for proper tension and inspect it for signs of wear.
Exhaust condensate drain - Drain the condensate from the condensate trap.
power generator service - Check that the fee on the starting battery and examine the links for looseness and rust.
Because the correct concentration of coolant in a outdoor generator may be influenced by climate, a generator tech that focuses on emergency power equipment in the Carolinas should carry out the coolant immersion test.

Semi Annual Measures

Diesel generators should have the following steps performed on a semiannual basis:

Oil and filter change - Replace the oil and oil filter, then whether or not the genset has been utilized at a non-simulated power outage.
Coolant filter shift - Alter the filter, regardless of whether the genset has been used at a non-simulated power outage.
Crankcase breather cleanup - sterile the crankcase breather based on the company manual from the manufacturer.
Air cleaner element vary - Replace the air cleaner part, irrespective of the level of debris accumulation.
Radiator hose test - Assess that the bond of this radiator hoses and scrutinize them for signs of wear.
Fuel filter change - Change the fuel filter, so whatever the level of sediment accumulation.
Generator technicians should do the measures above.

Annual Measures

The genset should have a thorough yearly cleanup of its heating .


The measures are necessary for a petrol generator to remain in exceptional condition. By incorporating them into a generator maintenance checklist, you can ready the generator at your center to your next power outage.

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